We are dedicated to providing good northern vibes worldwide.

Manchester-born and raised, Vivichi is here to bring back that feeling of ecstasy from owning something you know is special. We're not minimalistic... we're simplistic. We believe in owning to love, not loving to own.

Vivichi is a reflection of our girl; passionate about individualism, assurance and voguish vibes. Most importantly our girl is beautiful, inside and out. We're obsessed with creating designs that make our girls flourish. We forget that fashion isn't just physical, it's also in the mind. It makes you feel, as well as look beautiful, confident & stylish.

Vivichi incorporates aspects of that ever-young northern soul we've all grown to love to personify those positive vibes. We make you feel amazing through the shapes we use to emphasize you are natural beauty all the way down to the fabric choices to make you feel special.

We're for those who make subtle, but truly powerful statements through their choice in style. For those who don't wish to shout, but emanate.

This is Vivichi


More about us and our goals:

Founded in Manchester in 2016 / Nominated by Drapers for best new online business / Seen on celebrities and A-listers / Can be found in over 300 specialist stores around the UK & Ireland

We're currently on a path to becoming more sustainable and more circular by starting to shortly introduce organic & recycled fibers, as well as reducing the need for single-use plastics. All of our factories adhere to amazing working, safety, and quality initiatives and we ensure only to work with those that put the focus of their workers as number 1.

We are a customer-centric brand. Our products, designs, and fabrics are ever-evolving to fit in tomorrow's world, today. We're varied in styles and maintain quality in order to be as inclusive as possible without any sacrifice in design in order to keep the feeling of owning Vivichi special.