About Us



A northern brand with a global aesthetic!


Looking for something to feel special in? That's Vivichi

Looking for something ahead of the movement? That's Vivichi

Looking for something raw & clean? That's Vivichi


We are dedicated to providing good vibes and changing the perceptions of a true fashion brand! When you wear Vivichi, you're bringing back that feeling of ecstasy from owning something you know is special. We try do this all without creating products that shout or brandish. We're not minimalistic, but we're simplistic. We believe in owning to love, not loving to own. We can be owned by everyone; styled by anyone; felt by anyone who imagines themselves in our world.

We are a customer-centric brand. Our products, designs, and fabrics are ever-evolving to fit in tomorrow's world, today. We're varied in styles and maintain quality in order to be as inclusive as possible without any sacrifice in design in order to keep the feeling of owning Vivichi special.

We try and bring all these emotions and elements together when creating our pieces. Each design is crafted to personify Vivichi's ethos.

This is Vivichi!


More about us:

Founded in Manchester in 2016 / Nominated by Drapers for best new online business / Seen on celebrities and A-listers / Can be found in a few selected stores worldwide