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Vivichi – The Paradoxical Minamalist

‘Less equals more’ is the general consensus to minimalism, right? Or is minimalism just about avoiding excess? Herein lies a paradox. What do we define as less and what is defined as avoiding excess?

This paradox is important as it encapsulates and defines the behaviour and design of Vivichi. We define this above paradox through our eyes, through our collection.

Loosely translating into ‘life energy’, Vivichi aims to create a balance between these two points.

Our designs fall within the limits of minimalism, infusing unique shapes & prints with colourful hues, to create a look which strikes the perfect balance between ‘less’ & ‘excess’.

Vivichi isn’t just a brand, it isn’t just fashion; it’s a culture, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a way of defining your identity. Our collections aim to provide balance. Our designs are creating not only to be worn with Vivichi, but they can be styled with other brands so you can create your own take on our paradox.


Our History

Founded in Manchester’s soulful Northern quarter in 2016, Vivichi grew from the culture, inspiration and unique lifestyle of the city. Bustling with life, this area contrasted with it’s hidden charm allure, which was the inspiration behind our paradox.

Since then we have grown to be loved by many, including the likes of Louise Thompson & Olivia Buckland, as well as receiving love stateside from the likes of Bella Thorne.

Vivichi & The Bands Of Humanity

Vivichi & the Bands Of Humanity were conceived a few years ago. “My time in starting the business happened to coincide with certain malicious events, personal hard times, and people becoming homeless and neglected. Months had passed, and animosity around me and towards certain communities was still growing, creating a vicious circle of more fear and even more hate. Nothing more was being done about people in need or communities who felt a need to prove their innocence. All I heard around me were words associated with negativity about people, about our city and about our country. It seemed that the world was drowning in negativity.”

“I wanted to show that the majority of the world want to live in a world of diversity. They want to live in a world where all backgrounds of people get along. So the concept of Vivichi was born as well as our first vision, the 'Bands of Humanity'. We developed these bands as a way to spread awareness to try and correct the misconceptions which have been created due to terrorism. The bands are a symbol to try and bring people together by breaking barriers between communities created by acts of terror. Each band sold represents a person who is against acts of terror. It symbolises their respect for diversity and all cultures. It symbolises their drive to help heal the world and stop blaming the many for the acts of a few.

I had formed this community as a way not only to create something which I could be proud to call my own, but something which others would be proud to be associated with.
This is what we are about, and we hope that it is something you would want to be a part of! 


*Charities we will donate to, but are not directly affiliated with:

-Red Cross Foundation


Why these charities?

The Red Cross Foundation is the primary charity we will be donating to. This charity aid in helping those who have been victims of crimes against humanity. Terroism, war and mass killings, the red cross selflessly helps those people affected by these causes. The 'Bands Of Humanity' would spread awareness about these cause and in doing so will hopefully generate a lot of funds for a very good cause!